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Birthdate:Apr 9
Website:My LiveJournal
My fanfictions and fanart can be found at [community profile] instant_confusion.


{never knew no good from bad}
A girl of embarrassingly young age who spends her days reading and writing fanfictions, drawing, listening to music, playing the guitar poorly, watching films, babbling and generally not having a life. Enjoys correcting grammar, studying British English slang and being a smartarse. Has the self-discipline of a three-year-old but loves constructive criticism. Alternates between being completely anti-social and an uncontrollable chatterbox. Is a Coca Cola-holic.

Also known as [ profile] anna_bm over at LiveJournal.

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Yessir. Fanatic Remus/Sirius shipper and overall Marauders fangirl who has spent far too many afternoons swotting up on 1970's pop-culture and music in Britain. Considers Kiss Kiss Bang Bang as a non-deleterious opiate. Adores Good Omens and then especially Aziraphale and Crowley, both together and on their own. Squees at the mere mention of Brideshead Revisited or Maurice. Is a big fan of Iron Man film and the comics——she prefers the Marvel Adventures universe, both Avengers and Iron Man, and has a fondness for Steve/Tony. Is currently making her way through the Sherlock Holmes canon, and ships Holmes/Watson both romantically and platonically.

Harbours a truly alarming crush on Robert Downey Jr.
Music. Listens to it approximately ten hours a day. Favourite musicians are Queen (), Elvis Costello, Nick Lowe, Dire Straits and Patrick Wolf. Also enjoys Ebba Grön, Something Corporate/Jack’s Mannequin, Aqua, Shakira and many, many others. Listens to as good as everything but jazz (although swing is alright), blues, hip hop, r’n’b and reggae. Obsessive-compulsively downloads every fanmix she can get her hands on. Used to download fanmixes until it became a punishable offence in her country. Has a certain fondness for cuddly toys (especially teddy bears) as well as certain actors. Is not a "real" history buff, but her father is, and thus enjoys WWII trivia due to second-hand smoking nerdness. Is mildly insane in general, too. Easily distracted by glitter and shiny things.

(Is also allergic to a ridiculous amount of things, asthmatic and diagnosed with both Asperger's Syndrome and ADHD, in case you were interested.)

If you want to friend her, go ahead — she won’t bite. She might be a bit bemused, though, if you haven’t made contact with her first.

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